Bill Durgin


Christian Weber - Speak and Spell (2012)

"A fascination with Eastern spirituality led Weber to work on Speak and Spell, a series of photographs that examines human gesture.”

1. Suggesting Astonishment

2. Adoration

3. Holding Fingers Open to Grasp a Weapon

4. Instruction by Silence

5. Beckoning to Bestow

6. Assuring Protection


A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. —Charles Dickens

“We are all wonderful, 
beautiful wrecks. 
That’s what connects us
—that we’re all broken, 
all beautifully imperfect.” 

― Emilio Estevez

[Sun Kyoung Kim - Interconnection]


RGB lighting installation by FlynnTalbot

Red, blue and green lights moving across a faceted triangular structure created multicoloured shadows in this installation by Australian lighting specialist Flynn Talbot (+ movie).

Talbot, whose studio focuses on lighting installation design, created a three-sided panel with one surface covered in spiky cardboard structures of up to two metres in length. This piece was mounted onto a wall at the PSAS gallery in Perth, Australia, for the Primary exhibition.


Logan Zillmer: Surreal photography

Michigan-based conceptual photographer Logan Zillmer brings surreal dream worlds to life in his imaginative blend of photography and digital manipulation.

"Eternity Dress" Oliver Saillard in collaboration with Tilda Swinton. Photographed by Ruediger Glatz. November 2013

(Source: 6792)


Sanne Vaassen

A cotton cloth filled with charcoal is moved up and down by a motor. The cloth falling on the ground creates a dust cloud. The dust slowly swirls down, a drawing is formed in space. This installation runs for four days, in which the change of the space becomes visible, 2013


Giuseppe Penone,TRA…, 2008 

I wanted all things
To seem to make some sense,
So we could all be happy, yes,
Instead of tense.
And I made up lies
So that they all fit nice,
And I made this sad world
A par-a-dise.

Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country (via observando)